Gudjón Bjarnason
Practising both as a visual artist and an architect, Gudjón Bjarnason has established himself in several exhibitions in Iceland and abroad, as well as through his architectural work. He works in painting - often on a very large scale - as well as in sculpture, and has also exhibited series of works on paper.

In addition to several private exhibitions in Iceland, Bjarnason has exhibited extensively in Norway and the United States, and his works have appeared in group exhibitions around the world. Among his recent exhibition projects was a large five-man-show at the Henie-Onstad Art Centre in Norway with Roj Friberg, Odd Nerdrum, Patrick Huse and Michael Kvium.

In the words of curator Øivind Storm Bjerke: ‘Bjarnason´s paintings can be read as visions of landscapes contrasting with cosmic space. This is an art that is experienced and felt, but where the naturalistic representation of perception is not a relevant consideration. The pictures relate to an interpretation of the Romantic tradition insofar as it expresses itself in a vocabulary that uses the natural elements of fire, air, water, and mixes these elements into an undefined mass of light and energy. Nature appears as a play of chaos and order.’

Balcony with an Abyss
Øystein Loge speculated on the Nietzschean elements in Gudjón Bjarnason’s art in 1997.
Gudjón Bjarnason in the Nordic House
Nordic House director
Torben Rasmussen wrote the introduction to the catalogue when Gudjón Bjarnason exhibited there in 1997.
Gudjón Bjarnason
The New York based critic Dominique Nahas wrote about Gudjón Bjarnason’s works in the summer of 1997.
Chaos, Chance and Control
Jón Proppé wrote about the curious combination of restrained formalism and uncontrollable force in Gudjón Bjarnason’s works in 1997.
The Artist
Gudjón Bjarnason
The well-known Icelandic author
Thor Viljálmsson wrote about Gudjón Bjarnason in 1993, emphasising the vigour of his art.
A Critique of Spaces
In 1992 Jón Proppé wrote about Gudjón Bjarnason’s large-scale exhibition in Hafnarborg.