Contact > grows out of the co-operation of several of Iceland’s most prominent contemporary visual artists with a number of independent curators and critics. has a permanent representation on the Internet, but organises and participates in exhibitions and events in museums and galleries, in Iceland and abroad. presents a broad spectrum of the best in Icelandic art and criticism with constantly updated information and articles, including writing commissioned especially for the web site. An electronic newsletter will advise people around the world of developments in the Icelandic art world and publicise new articles and exhibitions involving the artists. is aimed at an international audience and will offer an insight into and detailed information about the Icelandic art scene never before available internationally. thus aims to open new avenues for artists, curators and critics in Iceland, as well as aiding in the work of those abroad who wish to explore the Icelandic art scene and include Icelandic artists in exhibitions or in their writing.

As a centrally managed information consultancy, can respond quickly to inquiries and facilitate networking. Our aim is to make Icelandic art visible to the larger world and at the same time to initiate co-operation that will bring international art to Iceland. will initiate or participate in international projects such as travelling exhibitions, seminars, artist exchange programmes and co-operative ventures involving new technology. is an independent venture that raises its own funding for regular expenses and special projects and exhibitions. All funding is used to further the work of the participants – the artists, curators and critics involved in the project. Director
Hannes Sigurdsson
Web Generator
Art Direction and Web-design for the network