Gallery 20m2
January 1998

With ten kilos of clay in a sack, I went to the studio of Birgir Andrésson and made clay-horses with him.

David TV, a french film-maker had free hands to document the event with his camera.

The exhibition was a documentation from the two hours of Birgir Andrésson and me making the clay-horses. On the floor were the horses and on the walls were the photographs of David TV. There was also an interview by Hlín Gylfadóttir, who is a young Icelandic artist, who interviewed me about the work. Below is a translated version of the interview.

Some informations about Birgir Andrésson:

Birgir's career spans over twenty years and he is well known and recognised in Iceland. You might remember some of his work from the Venice-bienale in 1995 where he was Iceland's representative. There he showed the Icelandic flag (blue, red and white) knitted in grayish and brownish "sheep-colors" plus some lead-drawings of old Icelandic ruins. One thing is for sure, he never works with clay and hardly ever thinks about horses.

  • The exhibition (9 images)

  • Photographs by David TV on the walls (8 images)

  • Interview by Hlín Gylfadóttir (One page)

  • Clips from newspapers (Critics and an interview)