What is @

When art and advanced computer technology combine a new world is created and we have called it the “At” or simply @, a symbol that has come to signify the new Internet-based culture. ART:IS and OZ.COM have joined forces with a group of artists and designers in this experimental project to create a new on-line world where artists can explore the possibilities of new technology in their creative work. The artists have created a new world where the imagination is unbounded and free. The viewer enters this world through the computer and becomes a part of it. He experiences images, sounds and impresssions that are far beyond anything a traditional museum or gallery can display, beyond even what the most futuristic computer games can present. @ is a new destination in art.

In all eleven artists take part in the project. They have all established themselves at the forefront of the Icelandic art scene and now take the next step, working with the experienced programmers and designers of OZ.COM, the leading software developers in Iceland, to explore and extend the possibilities of the computer in art. Technology and art are merged.

The @ world incorporates not only sounds and images. Using avatar technology the viewers themselves enter the world and move about it at will, exploring for themselves the virtual space that the artists have created. This space is magical and offers experiences that expand and extend the everyday world. As an art project the @ world is unlike anything you will see in a traditional museum. It is not a silent and lifeless environment but instead a shifting vibrant habitat where the viewer becomes an active participant, himself shaping the world in various ways.

Each artist has created his own little corner of the @ world but their contributions also overlap and interact in various ways and the boundaries are never entirely clear. The visitor is presented with an array of choices and has to join in the action. A trip through the @ world is a unique experience for every viewer.